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I wrote a post about how I am easily bored and can never stick with anything, then didn’t so much as return to the site to have a think about writing another post for two full days. Perhaps I shouldn’t be conciously marking my progress – instead I should be writing, enthusiastically, because that’s what I’m here to do and the idea of being “good” is really only a facet of why I’m doing it. It’s a useful facet. So much of the things related to human behaviour, my own behaviour and the behaviour of others that I find interesting has as an integral part of it’s makeup the idea of “goodness”. Can I like this person, are they “good”? Is this thing or that thing a “good” thing to do, is it a “natural” instinctive thing to do, and do these things at all relate to each other? Am I being “good” right now? Do I care?

Having said that, there’s another, less noble, reason that makes me want to write. My next post will be about Sin Number Two.


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