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It seems self-indulgent to be triggered to start a blog by a personal event – or perhaps it doesn’t, and it is the fact that this personal event caused me to see myself as loathsomely self-indulgent that makes me see it this way. But it is something I have been considering for a while and it seems as good a trigger as any, and as good a source of a title. This blog charts my attempts, as a newly-minted adult woman, to be Good. At least, it does on the days I feel like being Good. On the days that I don’t, it contains evidence as to why I am not, and on the days when I don’t care either way it comments on the issues that interest me, hovering as I do on the edges of the feminist blogosphere. I will be dipping noncommitally into politics, talking about books and art and films, making sweeping statements and trying to analyse things to death.

The personal event was a letter from someone who knows me very well, exploring the idea that I might be a sociopath, that I might need help, and that they hope they are wrong. Their case is that I am self-indulgent, power-hungry, and that I only care who I hurt when it reflects badly on me.

The other factors to consider are that I am lazy, impulsive and have over £100 of late library fees.

I am, unironically to many who know me and at the very least innacurately to myself, The Good Girl, and this is where you can watch me try and learn to live up to it.


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